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Kuwait University College of Architecture


The College of Architecture at Kuwait University was first established by Amiri decree in 2010 and currently operates from two campuses, Architectural Engineering School located on the Khaldiya campus, and the Visual Communications & Interiors School at Adailiyah.

The move to the new Sabah Al-Salem Campus at Shadadiyah will open a new chapter in the life of the College. It will bring the two departments together in one place and provide space for the development of new disciplines.

Most importantly it will be a College created specifically for students of design, it will provide opportunities for a fully integrated environment with a rich variety of learning
and social spaces that can be shared by all in a truly collaborative manner.

The new facilities for the College of Architecture will also have a wider role in establishing the place of the design disciplines in the both the Kuwait University and across Kuwaiti society, a center of debate and a place for the exhibition of talent.


Cost Planning and Feasibility Studies
Bills of Quantities

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