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QP District

Doha, Qatar

QP District which was formerly known as the Barwa Financial District Project, is a large-scale, integrated mixed use development on a 71,000 sq. m plot with a built capacity
of over 500,000 sq. m. KEO designed, engineered and supervised the project which comprises 9 office tower buildings, a 5-star hotel with 25 levels (409 rooms), an elevated
car park and an underground car park, an auditorium, substation and a central cooling plant.

Two nautilus forms spiraling in opposing directions create a dynamic flow of mass and space. The opposing geometry builds up the movement of the towers to create the pinnacle at the southwest corner of the site, creating a landmark building visible from both the West Bay area and the main road arteries west of the site.

There is an outer ring of 6 office towers ascending in a clockwise direction from 18 to
32 storeys. The inner ring of 4 towers, comprising of 3 office towers and a hotel, ascend in a counter-clockwise direction from 27 to 47 storeys. The placement of the 9 office towers and their opposing spiral heights provide unparalleled views and ensure that all the buildings have access to natural light. The office towers are connected by a two storey enclosed atrium.


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